Flyy Girl Feature Friday: Alexus Carter

Welcome back to another edition of Flyy Girl Feature Friday and welcome to July!

It may never rain in Southern California, but it also never stops being about fashion in LA.

Today’s Brown Blogger is a native of the land of, Original, Food and Colorful.

If you are looking for an easy-going fashion connection,

consider yourself plugged.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Miss Alexus Carter

Please introduce yourself to the readers:AlexusFay1

 Alexus ‘Fay’ Carter from Compton/LA

Tell us about your blog, Sincerely Fay
Sincerely Fay, is a lifestyle, style, and a bit of randomness kind of blog. I want to create a space to inspire and help black girls and women.
 Why did you begin blogging?

I began blogging back in 2011 as a way to vent about personal things that I was dealing with and eventually it turned into a platform where I could share the things I cared about.

 What motivates you to dedicate time to blogging?
I have a very busy life, so making time to blog has become apart of my routine. It really helps creating a routine that I can stick to and of course knowing that one of my posts will help someone one day.
 In one year, what do you hope manifests from your blogging?
In one year I hope to really push my blog out into the world. I really want people to read my blog and leave feeling a bit inspired. So I guess, I want to reach a wider audience.
Name two of your favorite bloggers you follow:AlexusFay2
Currently, my two favorite bloggers are Jeanne Grey from GreyLayers and Ashleigh from The Daileigh
What legacy do you want to leave behind for others to know about you?
Hmm. This is a hard one. I am building my legacy as we speak. Creating a place for others to connect, inspire, and talk about the things that we love.
Upcoming projects or events
I have a new series in works for my blog. It will feature style un-filtered through today’s fashion mavens. I will be getting beneath the surface and more, so I’m really excited!
There you have it folks, another talented Brown Blogger doing her thing to connect, inspire and style!
Be sure to keep up with Alexus Fay via social media as well as her blog site.
Instagram: @lexusfay

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