Motivational Speaking

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

The vision you’re given is yours to see.

No matter how hard you may try to paint it or describe it to others, they may never get it until its realized.

That’s not to say they don’t believe, its just simply not theirs.

Stay committed to what has been given to you to execute; even when it seems like you’re spinning, you are moving, creating enough momentum for the take off.

Continue to nurture yourself in this time, accepting opportunities that allow you to build upon your skills and position yourself for what is seeking you.

You are not given a vision to not have it realized. Keep the faith and work for it.

It is coming.

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Until you show up for you, no one else will.

The more promises without action you give yourself, the more of the same you can expect from others.

This time around is about solidifying now for the future.

No more we’ll see, it has to be you making it what you deserve.

You want better?

Well my dear, do better!

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Writing down your goals is a form of accountability.

However, it can only be that if you read over your goals daily.

That action creates a constant mental reminder to propel you into a plan to execute.

We can have all the hope and faith in the world, but without putting in the work, it remains only a wish or a dream.

It is when you move forward only will all things which are aligned with greater begin to work in your favor.

Be not dismayed or fearful from the work required, because those just create doubt. The truth of the matter is that it is usually less stressful than what we imagine it to be!

Commit yourself to yourself. Encourage your growth. Love yourself to push towards your greater.

Simply because you are worth fighting for.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

Speak what you want and call it blessed.

Whatever you speak into your life, so shall it be.

Be intentional with your energy and channel your positivity into every thing you do.

A purposeful and happy life is available to each of us; we must make the choice to do so.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

Motivation for Perspective: Go Getter Monday

A consistent God hears a consistent prayer.

Make your intentions so clear that no matter where you are, how tumultuous the storm is nor who is around; you can ask for that which you desire most believing it is working for your good.

No circumstance can withstand the power of prayer and the faith to move forward with the expectation of receiving the blessing of answered prayer.

So no matter what, when you feel like throwing in the towel, when you grow weary of looking over the mountain top for better, pray for the strength to withstand just a little while longer.

Our greatest trials come to improve our relationships with our faith and to be an inspiration for others who are watching for guidance.

I believe in your power to pull through. Pray, believe and move forward expecting…It will be done.

Make A Plan

Take Action

Set Up Shop

Go Get It

I Am Committed

If I do not find it within myself to sacrifice for the benefit of tomorrow, then I am not committed to my vision.


If I do not take the time to make something happen for myself, I am not committed to my success.


If I do not suffer for now, I am not committed to enjoying the relief of the future.


You have to take the risk of failing in order to show yourself what you are capable of accomplishing.

Seek out the opportunity to be turned down.

Learn to be bigger than a rejection.

Learn to be bigger than your doubts.

If you are capable of envisioning the dream.

You are capable of achieving it.

A Go Getter is not bred from success. And a Go Getter is not bred from failure.

It is the commitment to achieve at all costs, that births a Go Getter.

The commitment.


before I took a step

before I made a move

it never existed

I never knew

The day I stopped being afraid

And stood up to procrastination

I erased my place in the book

of most complacent.

I focused on all that God has given me

And thanked him for blessing me with plenty.

I casted away my fears and all my doubts

And only clung to lovely things to pull the work out.

I sat down at the screen and begin to type.

And from that day forward, it has brought a joyous light

I pray to always be in love with writing

Because the effort I put into it

has been so enlightening.

It has shown me my faults, my highs and my lows

And best of all, it shows my growth.


Growing: Bite Off What You Can Chew

When I was younger, I was a fanatic for the Barney Show. I knew what time the show came on, the characters’s names and even the names of the kids on the show.

Barney had a song for any type of situation a child may experience growing up; I think that’s what I enjoyed most about the show, Barney not only spoke about certain issues, he had a catchy song to help you remember the moral of the stories.

One of the many songs that stick out to me is the “Growing” song. Now in the song Barney is referencing the physical form of growing. Here’s a snippet:

Growing, we do it everyday

We’re growing when we’re sleeping

And even when we play

And as we grow a little older we can do more things

Because I’m growing, and so are you.

Growing can be a wonderful experience and it can be a not so wonderful experience. Sometimes we look so forward to future developments of our lives and other times we dread the thought of what may be to come. 

I think we can become so comfortable with what we have accomplished, because we struggled for a season to reach a plateau, that we become complacent, not even seeking to make what we have evolve into something more _______. Any positive word will do.

For instance, you finally started making a salary, but you don’t invest or save. You finally have a place of your own, but you don’t keep it clean. You finally begin a relationship with someone you love, but you don’t implement action for contingency. 


Effort is the root to Growth. You can not gain a wholistic sense of growth, without effort. Everything you acquire in life will take some effort on your part somewhere. To expect things to change and to development in your life without you preparing and making decisions and PHYSICALLY moving, is cra cra on a whole ‘nother level.


You have to focus your breathing on your desires, your positive thoughts. Focus your tongue on speaking the words from your desires and your positive thoughts. Then move your feet and hands to the rhythm of your words spoken. It is a wholistic effort of the body to produce those thoughts and desires. To produce the growth you know you need and should be seeking.


Life as we know will continue to go on, with or without your participation, ask a deceased person; but seriously don’t let not putting forth effort be the reason you never grow, you never stretch your limitless talents and gifts. Bite off what you can chew, digest it, and then bite off some more.

I believed everything Barney said about growing, that as we grow older, we can do more things! 

Because when we put forth the effort, growth is inevitable.

Here’s to you my fellow man, to effort, to growth, to us all.

Peace and Blessings